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Elder Law & Estate Planning


Estate Planning can be a difficult and intimidating process, but if done well, it can spare you and your loved ones a lot of frustration, delay and expense.  This is especially true for seniors, who may be coping with unexpected health and financial challenges and may not be well prepared to deal with a maze of legal issues.  Estate planning entails defining your goals for the future, protecting your assets, minimizing your long-term care costs, and avoiding problems for family members in the event you become disabled or pass away.  It may also include designating a qualified person to handle your legal affairs and/or health care decisions or appointing a guardian to care for your minor children.  Bob will listen to your concerns and objectives, review your unique situation and work with you to create an appropriate plan for you and your family.

Services Offered

Last Wills

Revocable or Testamentary Trusts

Durable Powers of Attorney

Health Care Directives

Transfer or Payable on Death Accounts or Deeds

Designation of Beneficiaries

Nursing Home Asset Protection Measures

Medical Assistance and Medicare Planning

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Probate and Administration of small estates

Estate Tax Planning

If your estate requires special tax planning because of its size and/or complexity, Bob can provide you with a list of firms that engage in tax planning and avoidance for large estates. 

Transparent Pricing

We will assist you in gathering all pertinent information, meet with you (and your spouse or partner) and prepare any documents needed to carry out your objectives, all for a flat fee that in most cases will not exceed $250. Except for any filing, copying or similar reimbursable out-of-pocket charges, you will know the exact amount of your legal fees at the time you retain the firm for any matter.

No services will be performed on an hourly fee basis.

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