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Mediation Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation can be a relatively inexpensive and rewarding method of resolving a dispute, whether or not a lawsuit has been commenced. Mediation allows the parties to control the outcome of their issues rather than having a judge or other third party decide their fate.

Bob Lund, a Rule 114 qualified mediator, can act as a neutral facilitator and create an environment where parties feel comfortable explaining the issues and concerns underlying their dispute and, in many cases, where they can reach mutually acceptable solutions that can be memorialized in a settlement agreement.  

Services Offered

Employment Mediation

Assisting an employee and employer to find resolve a variety of conflicts, including those involving allegations of discrimination based on gender, age, disability, or religious beliefs, wrongful termination, harassment, family leave matters, or other issues.

Civil Mediation

Facilitating potential solutions for parties involved in general civil disputes between business organizations, businesses and consumers, landlords and tenants, neighbors and others. 

Sometimes mediation is required by the court or sought by parties involved in civil litigation. In other cases, the parties seek mediation independently to avoid litigation. Bob will hold mediation sessions where the parties are represented by counsel or where they represent their own interests.

Transparent Pricing

We will quote and bill for all mediation services on a flat, fixed fee basis only. Except for any filing, copying or similar reimbursable out-of-pocket charges, you will know the exact amount of your legal fees at the time you retain the firm for any matter.

No services will be performed on an hourly fee basis.

Interested in Mediation?

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